The health and safety of everyone who lives, works, and visits our community is a top concern as restrictions are lifted and Baldwin County resumes its role as Gateway to the Gulf for so many Alabamians, southeasterners, and guests from around the world. Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism and the Gateway Initiative have partnered to present our industry partners and key stakeholders with a set of resources to help employers decide how they can encourage workforce vaccinations.

How can businesses show their support to their employees while also expressing their dedication to their customers and guests? Also, what is the best way to communicate strategies for keeping internal and external customers protected?

These resources and examples are meant to assist our local business leaders in order to guide their own policies and procedures and communicate our shared commitment to overall community safety through employee vaccination incentive programs and more. 

Designed using resources from industry experts and examples from leading organizations, we’ve prepared a grouping of resources to help you - if you decide - to encourage your employees to get their vaccines when it’s available to them.