With grant money from the Community Foundation of South Alabama, Gateway has partnered with the South Baldwin Literacy Council and TransferVR to receive 5 Virtual Reality Oculus headsets. Gateway and the Literacy Council proposed a “Career Exploration” program to TransferVR, to help students and adults alike to discover, tour, and train in different professions such as Automotive, construction, Hospitality, HVAC and many more. This training is assessed in the headset and each individual is scored. 

By: Dr. Josh Duplantis

We often hear that the unemployment rate has reached pre-pandemic levels and that statement is mostly true. You are only considered unemployed if actively seeking work and according to the Department of Labor, once 26 weeks pass, a job seeker gets put into the classification of "discouraged worker".


Many of Gateway’s initiatives are built around developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that youth need to obtain and participate in productive work. Our activities in this area work to bring the private and public sector together to ensure that education improves both the workforce readiness and technical skills necessary for youth to build a solid foundation and an understanding of career pathing options available right here in Baldwin County.

The Gateway Initiative and Coastal Alabama Community College collaborative recently organized a workshop for guidance counselors from all Baldwin County schools to provide innovative modes of work-based learning. Presentations gave special emphasis on how high school students can earn stackable credentials in the areas of registered apprenticeship and technical education dual enrollment.

The health and safety of everyone who lives, works, and visits our community is a top concern as restrictions are lifted and Baldwin County resumes its role as Gateway to the Gulf for so many Alabamians, southeasterners, and guests from around the world. Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism and the Gateway Initiative have partnered to present our industry partners and key stakeholders with a set of resources to help employers decide how they can encourage workforce vaccinations.