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Gateway Training Academy

A major objective of the Gateway Initiative is to continually search out professional development training opportunities for our investor businesses and organizations. The Gateway Training Academy brings world-class training and process improvement opportunities to small and large businesses, and across a variety of industry sectors.  Through partnerships with Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), Alabama Technology Network (ATN), and Auburn’s Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) Gateway is aiming to improve the workforce in south Baldwin County for the betterment of the whole community, locals and visitors alike!

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Career Technical Education

An original focus area for the Gateway team - Business Driven Talent Development and Recruitment - is geared towards program creation via collaboration with our community and educational partners to provide an educated and trained workforce fully prepared to fulfill the needs of our local businesses and industries. Through partnerships with local high schools and higher education institutions, Gateway is paving the path for students of all ages to gain skills for life long careers that will directly aid businesses in need of a strong workforce.  

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