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Sometimes you can’t help but follow in your parent's footsteps. Like his dad, Mark Wright is back on the corner in downtown Foley. If you’ve never watched the first Baldwin County promotional video from the 1950s, you won’t want to miss today’s story, co-starring James E. Wright. 

Jennie Campbell strives to provide experiences at Stewart Lodges at Steelwood, the kind you always remember. She’s also a true believer in being passionate about people and genuine connections. What are you passionate about?

From deep rooted industry to training for your employees to tax incentives, you never know what you might just find right here in your own backyard. Kyle Michael, with Plasmine Technology, shares a little local history with us as well as some of the benefits of business in Baldwin County. 

If you asked Michelle Parvinrouh, Executive Director at Innovation Portal, what an entrepreneur is, she would tell you a problem solving opportunist. This week, we spent a few minutes with Michelle for an inside peek at the new Innovation Portal offices and to find out why they are so passionate about helping others live their dreams and find success. 

Chef Greg Buschmohle at the Safari Club has a story as unique as the restaurant itself. He started his first kitchen job in Detroit at 10 years old. We hope you join us again for this week's story.