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We sat down with Joel Hamilton, Director at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, and talked about his passion for the animals, people and why he does what he does. If you ever want to make a real connection with the wildlife, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is the place to do it. We hope you join us again for this week’s Story. 

Ryan Shamburger grew up in Gulf Shores but a life of adventure called him West. California became his home base as he sailed the Pacific Ocean. There are few places on earth like Coastal Alabama so he returned home and co-founded Big Beach Brewing. Join us again this week as we share part of the story behind Big Beach Brewing.

What's your why? For Johanna Earthly Ramos, her why was birthed out of a beautiful tragedy. Kale Yeah!

Frances Holk-Jones talks about some of the things we might unknowingly take for granted here in Baldwin county. 

Mayor Robert Craft has called Baldwin County home since he was 2 years old. From accidentally eating a sand dollar to helping us all get through the Oil Spill, he shares some of his memories that have made up a wonderful life.