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Chad Leonard and his family had a 2 year plan when they moved to Baldwin County. That was 14 years ago. This week we visit with Chad to hear more about his life and his role with Honours Golf.

CSU began with a notepad, business cards and $25. Join us again this week for the incredible story of courage and endurance that made Columbia Southern University what it is today.

Panini Pete has traveled the world cooking for all kinds of folks. He wasn’t an overnight success though. How did he get there? Join us for some real wisdom of how to get to where you want to be in this week’s Baldwin Story. 

A lot of people still ask Morrell Baxter what exactly she does as a Career Coach with the Baldwin County Board of Education. Spend a few minutes with us today for this week's Story and you'll find out about some of the amazing things Career Coaches do for our students here in Baldwin County.

Char Haber, owner of Wolf Bay Restaurants, shares a little bit of the story and history that has made this family–owned Baldwin County tradition the gem it is today.