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OWA’s Kristin Hellmich, Director of Marketing/PR, fills us in on all the things you can do at OWA as well what the Park has been doing to prepare for the big reopening announcement we hope to hear soon.

Chef Greg Buschmohle at the Safari Club has a story as unique as the restaurant itself. He started his first kitchen job in Detroit at 10 years old. We hope you join us again for this week's story.

We spent a few minutes with Chris Elliott, State Senator for District 32, talking about all of the hard work that has gone into getting small businesses back open in a responsible way. We also got some insight into the life of a stay-at-home dad during Covid-19. 

We spent a few minutes with James Ball, County Commissioner - District 1, to talk about how strong partnerships have lead to Baldwin County's successful navigation towards recovery. 

Blake Phelps, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Gulf Shores, talks reopening.