Watch the latest videos from the Gateway Initiative

Danny Spybey shares his thoughts and insight on a few of the challenges of reopening during this time. He talks about clear vision, customer care and safety.

We spent a few minutes with Dr. Matt Akin to find out more about Gulf Shores City Schools and what went into planning the launch of a new school system. We also got his insight on one of the most important factors in determining a child’s success.

If you asked Michelle Parvinrouh, Executive Director at Innovation Portal, what an entrepreneur is, she would tell you a problem solving opportunist. This week, we spent a few minutes with Michelle for an inside peek at the new Innovation Portal offices and to find out why they are so passionate about helping others live their dreams and find success. 

Charles “Skip” Gruber, County Commissioner for District 4, talks about this interesting journey we’ve been on over the past few months. He also reminds us how great it is to call the United States of America home. 

OWA’s Kristin Hellmich, Director of Marketing/PR, fills us in on all the things you can do at OWA as well what the Park has been doing to prepare for the big reopening announcement we hope to hear soon.